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Transformation Through Sound - Release, Reflect, Rejuvenate


 16th - 18th NOVEMBER 2018

Why do we shy away from ourselves?
Why do we rely on others to validate who we are?
Why are we so afraid to take that leap of faith?
Why do we do battle with our ego (inner conflict)?
Are you not worthy?
Are you truly ready to face upto all your challenges?
Are you ready to open your doorway to your authentic self?
Then this retreat will support your needs and address the issues that are holding you back from your divine uniqueness. Supporting those who are in the know, to know what they already know.

Our retreats are all about freeing ourselves from the confinement of our own imprisonment and experiencing true liberation.
Our retreats supports your journey back towards the authentic self, embracing change, being honest  and being accepting of who you truly are.

We will be joined by Eileen O'Toole, who is an awesome Life Coach, Writer, Healer and Drama Therapist.
Other highlights of this retreat will be experiencing the Sacred energy of the White Spring in Glastonbury, where we will be drumming, chanting and accepting. We will also be visiting the Chalice Well Gardens in all it's glory, as well as taking our sacred walk of acceptance all the way to the top of the famous Glastonbury Tor.

We also have two other therapists who will be spending time with each individual to support their "Acceptance" process, the therapists are:
Michael Crudge, Hypnotherapist
Andy Scott, 3D Massage Therapist
and much more...
Yes, it will be very Intense,
but it will be oh so beautiful.

The Retreat venue/accommodation:
No 51 (

To book your place on this amazing retreat, fill out the information on the contact form or e-mail Maa Shaker on


Glastonbury Tor - The Walk of "Acceptance"


The Chalice Well, Glastonbury

The White Well Glastonbury